An Invitation for Membership

Dear Friends,

When we breathe, we naturally give and receive. We receive the breath of cedars, maples, and alders while at same time exhaling exactly what the trees need to thrive. Our giving and receiving take very little effort and enfold us in the natural flow of life.

The Anacortes Mindfulness Community is a place for giving and receiving. We meet together to enjoy the companionship that makes practice possible. And while we are receiving the precious gift of Sangha, we are also giving our support. It’s easy to do because the gifts that return feel so precious.

As our practice deepens, we become aware of how much our own giving matters. Countless others came before us and created the conditions we now enjoy: practice leaders show us the way; teachings and practice forms open our hearts; Sangha welcomes us just as we are. Receiving these benefits opens our hearts and teaches us the joy of creating these conditions for others.

In my own early practice, I spent several years lurking at the edges of Sangha, testing the water, unable to believe that the teachers, practices, and community were safe and nourishing. Over time, my damaged heart healed and I entered the flow of giving and receiving more completely. I now find such deep joy supporting the practice of others that I look for opportunities to give.

Membership in The Anacortes Mindfulness Community is a way to practice this mutual joy. You take refuge in the Sangha by creating the Sangha. You support your practice by supporting the practice of others. You inhale what you need while exhaling what we need. 

So we invite you to join us by becoming a member of The Anacortes Mindfulness Community. We welcome all - those ready to receive and those ready to give. As your generosity deepens, you may choose to offer yourself in the following ways:

  • Practice deeply so that your heart has room to both receive and give

  • Participate in the life of the Sangha by joining us for sittings, Days of Mindfulness, and retreats

  • Share your gifts by leading, serving, offering bells, setting up the Zendo, and more

  • Support the Sangha financially so that we thrive now and in the future

Won’t you join us?

With gratitude,

Jonathan Prescott

Anacortes Mindfulness

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