'Summertime, and the livin’ is easy’ describes our experience of this luscious time of year: the days are long; our Zendo is warmed by the late-setting sun; we relax into the ‘just right’ environment. 

So rather than a traditional Dharma talk, this week we let the ease of approaching summer speak to us. We left the Zendo with the intention of meeting each thought, object, person, and activity with the silent word, ‘Allowing.’

Our usual habit is to judge whatever we encounter in order to decide what we like or dislike, allow or forbid. But instead we can meet each moment with ‘Allowing,’ letting go of the habit of judging and opening ourselves to being with what is. 

Starting the car, I breathe out ‘Allowing.’ 

Hearing the alarm clock, I breathe out ‘Allowing.’ 

Speaking with the challenging person, I breathe out ‘Allowing.’

When it feels difficult to allow what is hard, we can find balance by allowing what is easy. Allowing the warm sunny weather, the riot of green foliage, the long, bright days, the no-coat nature of summer gives us energy to allow that which we’ve habitually forbidden. 

We don’t practice allowing as a separate self. We accept the gift of being allowed and simply pass it along.


Next Tuesday, June 25th, we’ll look together at the Fourth Mindfulness Training, Right Speech. 

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