Celebrating Solstice

Throughout time and across cultures, people celebrate as the darkest days of winter begin brightening once again. The Anacortes Mindfulness Community is celebrating the interbeing of dark and light in three ways: 

~ Last Tuesday night, we celebrated darkness by turning off the lights, making ourselves comfortable, and snuggling in to listen to bedtime stories (a sample story follows.) 

~ Next Tuesday, December 17th, we’ll have a jovial potluck dinner. All are welcome to bring a vegetarian potluck dish and join the fun. 

~ Finally, on New Year’s Eve, we’ll perform 108 prostrations, repeatedly laying our bodies on the earth to let go of whatever we’ve accumulated and make room for light’s return.

Bedtime Story: Nasrudin looks for the perfect wife

Mulla Nasrudin was sitting in a tea shop when a friend came excitedly to speak with him. “I’m about to get married, Mulla,“ his friend stated, “and I’m very excited. Mulla, have you ever thought of marriage yourself?“  Nasrudin replied, “I did think of getting married. In my youth, in fact, I very much wanted to do so. I waited to find for myself the perfect wife. I traveled looking for her, first to Damascus. There I met a beautiful woman who was gracious, kind, and deeply spiritual, but she had no worldly knowledge. I traveled further and went to Esfahan. There I met a woman who was both spiritual and worldly, beautiful in many ways, but we did not communicate well. Finally, I went to Cairo and there, after much searching, I found her. She was spiritually deep, graceful, and beautiful in every respect, at home in the world and at home and the realms beyond it. I felt I had found the perfect wife.“  His friend question him further, “Then did you not marry her, Mulla?“  “Alas,“ said Nasrudin as he shook his head, “She was, unfortunately, waiting for the perfect husband.“ From Soul Food: Stories to Nourish the Spirit and the Heart, by Jack Kornfield

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