How to Enjoy Online Meditation

This week we continued our study of Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Peace Is Every Step by reading and discussing how to decompartmentalize our lives and embrace aimlessness. 

Thay points out that it’s common to be mindful in the meditation hall yet not in the kitchen, or to be kind to strangers but less kind to our spouse. He invites us to see every moment and activity as a single compartment that holds our mindfulness, leaving nothing out, treating all people with love and respect.

Jon offered a short Dharma talk about how to enjoy online meditation. We know how to make our physical meditation hall feel sacred through rituals that invite us to slow down, reconnect, and see sacredness. We haven’t yet created similar rituals for our online gathers, but that doesn’t mean all the elements are less sacred. Jon offered some concrete practices we can use to make us more intimate online while still practicing social distancing. You can listen to the talk on our Podcast page here:  Anacortes Mindfulness Podcasts

Next week, we’ll enjoy a Dharma talk from visiting teacher Michael Melancon. The following week we'll resume our study of Peace Is Every Step by considering pages 41-47: Hope As An Obstacle; Flower Insights; and Breathing Room.

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