The 3rd Mindfulness Training: True Love

We continued our study of the 5 Mindfulness Trainings this week by discussing responsible sexuality. Sex is a challenging topic, one made difficult to speak about by a culture that makes sex both fascinating and taboo. 

We saw that the 3rd Mindfulness Training asks us to consider how we use our sexual power. Some people use power to gain sex. Others use sex to gain power. We journaled about and discussed the question, ‘What does the power of sex mean for me?’

As our understanding of ethical sexuality deepens, our individual awareness becomes collective awareness. We see that our sexuality extends beyond our personal happiness and impacts the happiness of couples, families, and society. Sexual ethics merge with generosity as we experience the joys of protecting others rather than simply satisfying ourselves. 

Lay practitioners are invited to become experts in sexual ethics. We experience life within sexual bodies and must find the middle way between denial and indulgence, exploitation and generosity, procreation and protection. 

We are sexual beings. How, then, shall we behave?

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