Transforming Fear

We met online again this week, welcoming guests from as far away as Canada and Connecticut. The evening began with a short Dharma talk and guided meditation to help us transform our fear. Jon invited us to identify and embrace five debilitating, chronic fears in order to see them as states of mind that prevent us from living happily in the here and now. If you missed it, you can listen HERE.

After sitting together, we continued our Peace Is Every Step practice period by reading aloud the next 5 chapters. Our discussions were a beautiful example of shared Sangha wisdom.

We’ll continue meeting online until COVID-19 calms down a bit. During social isolation we have the opportunity to practice deep connection. Isolating ourselves from others doesn’t mean isolating ourselves from life. Separation and stillness actually free us to embrace moments and activities that we’d otherwise rush by:

  • As we wash our hands to protect others, can we nourish ourselves by enjoying the warm water and slower pace? 

  • As we communicate online rather than in-person, can we use our computer monitor as a bell of mindfulness that calls us back to this precious moment? 

  • As we cancel our plans, can we embrace the unexpected spaciousness without recreating our habitual busyness? 

COVID-19 might offer just the conditions we need to wake up. As we say in Zen, this is it.

Next week, Gail will lead sitting and Sue will facilitate discussion of the next few chapters of Peace Is Every Step. Please read pages 20-27: Cookie of Childhood, Tangerine Meditation, The Eucharist, Eating Mindfully, and Washing Dishes. Bring a tangerine (or other treat such as a piece of dried fruit) to eat together mindfully during our tangerine meditation practice.

Be safe. Be Happy.

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